How to connect to other messengers?

Can I connect to other messengers like ICQ?

For security reasons Brosix application uses a proprietary protocol. This protocol is used for Brosix-to-Brosix communication.

To allow our customers connect to other IM networks, Brosix desktop application can connect to ICQ messaging network.

Brosix Mobile versions (Android and iOS), as well as Brosix Web Client, cannot communicate with other IM networks. This features is available only with Brosix Desktop (Windows, Mac and Linux).

When Brosix is connected to any of these IM networks, it allows only text chat. All other Brosix features are available in Brosix-to-Brosix communication when users use Brosix accounts.

Personal Version with Multi-protocol

Multi-protocol feature is free of charge for the Brosix Personal users and can be downloaded from

Enterprise Version with Multi-protocol

Multi-protocol IM is initially disabled for Brosix Enterprise. The administrator have to explicitly enable it. They have full control which users can use this feature. They can turn on and off the feature at any time from the Web Control Panel.

If “External protocols” is enabled and if “Chat History Archive” is also enabled, all communication with the external networks is logged – both sent and received messages.

If enabled, users should set up their External protocol accounts. Here is a related article how to do so


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