Connect to Windows Live

I can’t connect to Windows Live Messenger (MSN). What should I do?

Brosix desktop application connects to Windows Live Messenger through a gateway operated by Brosix. At some circumstances Microsoft may block access to Windows Live Messenger network. To unblock the access for your account, follow these steps:

1. Login your Windows Live account
Go to and log in with your Windows Live account.

2. Select “Recent activity” from the menu on the left
You may be asked a few security questions to proceed. Please, follow the instructions.

Live Account Portal

Select “Recent activity” from the menu

3. Find a record that shows “Security challenge” location “United States”
This is a record that Brosix server has tried to log in Windows Live Messenger network on your behalf.
The server is located in St. Louis, Missouri, USA – as it is shown on the map.

Live Account Allow Brosix

Click “This was me” button to allow Brosix sign in Windows Live Messenger network

4. Click the “This was me” button
This will allow Brosix to sign in Windows Live Messenger network.

5. Sign in Windows Live Messenger from Brosix
Open Brosix, go to External Protocols, select your Windows Live account and click “Sign in” button on the right.

Setup Multi-Protocol Feature on Brosix

Log in again into Windows Live Messenger with your Brosix application

If enabled, users should set up their External protocol accounts. Here is a related article how to do so – //