How to login from multiple locations?

Is it possible to login Brosix with one account on multiple locations simultaneously. For example mobile, desktop etc? So when someone sends me a message I receive it on all my devices.

For security reasons Brosix currently allows a user to be logged in only on one device at a time. When you try to login on a second device, the other device, that you were previously logged in, will be automatically logged out.

You can overcome this restriction by using Chat Rooms.

  1. Create a separate account on every device
  2. Create a chat room and add all your accounts to this chat room
  3. Add to this Chat Room all the other users, that you want to communicate with on all these devices


When you or someone else sends a message to the Chat Room, all your devices will receive the message. When you reply, all other users and your devices will receive the reply. If any of your devices is offline, it will receive all Chat Room messages when you get online.

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