What is the difference between a “Text Conference” and a “Chat Room”?

Text Conference is deprecated and will be not supported anymore.

The idea is that most of the conference conversations to be shifted to the new feature “Chat Rooms“. Chat Rooms allow more control and are easier to monitor who and what messages have sent. Chat Rooms stay and can be re-used when people Sign Out and then Sign In.

Both the Text Conference and “Chat Room”  features allow several people to chat together at the same time. The difference is in the way they work.

Text Conference

  • A temporary group chat.
  • You leave the conference upon closing the chat window or signing out of Brosix. In order to reenter the conference a current member must add you again.
  • Chat history is recorded but is not assigned to the conference. Instead, the messages you send are recorded under each participant’s history.

Chat Room

  • A persistent group chat.
  • When you close the chat window, you don’t leave the chat room.
  • When you sign out of Brosix, you don’t leave the chat room. When you sign back in you will receive all messages the other users have sent while you were offline.
  • Chat history is recorded and assigned to the chat room, and you are able to browse and search through it.
  • The Chat room has a name.
  • The chat room is listed in your contact list. You can easily find it and send a message to all group members.

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