Category: Security

How to protect my privacy?

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Are usernames and/or passwords case sensitive? Usernames are not case sensitive, but passwords are. The username is your unique identifier in the network – it can not be duplicated. This means that if your username is “John”, no one else can create an account with name “john”. The password...

Who can see my messages?

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How can I be sure that nobody can “capture” the messages I send? We can’t make sure the messages you send are “invisible” nor that nobody can capture them. What we can do is to make sure that they are “unreadable”. All the communication is encrypted with industry standard...

How to restrict access to user data?

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We have administrators that monitor conversations but I can not have them see conversations between senior management. How can this be accomplished? Every administrator account has a “Security Level”. An administrator can see only user accounts that has “Security Level” below or equal to the administrator’s. An administrator account...