Is there a size limit when transferring files?

The short answer is that Brosix file transfers are unlimited.

Brosix transfers files directly between users – Peer-To-Peer. This makes it unlimited:

  1. Unlimited in file sizes
  2. Unlimited in number of files
  3. Unlimited in total transfer (sum of each file size in a single transfer)

And also important, this unlimited file transfers feature with Brosix is included in the pricing plan. No additional charges.

Technically speaking, there should be some limit. But the amount of data that can be transferred with Brosix is so huge, that is practically impossible to reach its limit these days and probably in the next 10 years.

Brosix file transfers are lightning fast.

Because we do the Peer-To-Peer transfer, the files are exchanged in an optimal way. If both users are in the same office, files never leave the office, and going only through the local network devices makes it extremely fast.

If both users are in different cities or continents, the files are still transferred through the optimal possible route with the optimal possible speed.


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