Brosix does not open on my Mac

Here is what you should do in case you receive an error message stating ‘Brosix” cannot be opened because the developer cannot be identified‘ when you try to open your Brosix application for the first time after installing it on your Mac, as shown in the screenshot below.

Brosix errror on mac

Please close the error message that you have just seen and go to the Security & Privacy section in your Settings. Go to the General tab and click on ‘Open Anyway’ to open the Brosix application, as evident in the picture below.

Go to Security & Privacy General Open Anyway

A new box will open where you simply need to press ‘Open’.

click open

In order to make sure that all features are working properly, so that you can benefit from them as much as possible, please make sure that you have enabled your microphone, camera, and screen recording for Brosix.

This is done from the Security & Privacy section in your Settings. This time, you choose the Privacy tab. Once there, you need to make sure that check marks are put on Brosix for the Mac’s microphone, camera and screen recording, as demonstrated below.

Enable microphone:

Enable Microphone

Enable Camera:

Enable Camera

Enable Screen Recording:
Enable Screen Recording

In case you experience any difficulties and need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.