What password should I choose?

There are few simple rules you can follow in order to select a good password:

  • Use secure passwords for your accounts. A secure password is the one that can not be easily guessed. For example “123456” is not a secure password, but “1qA34fRm5” can be considered secure.
  • Don’t tell your password to anyone. Remember, your password identifies you in the network. If anyone else knows it he/she can use your account.
  • Don’t write your password on a sticky note or other easily reachable place where everybody can see it.
  • Change your password from time to time.

A good password is a balance: it must be easy enough to remember, but complex enough to resist guessing by others. Here are several examples of how a few simple characters and numbers can achieve this:

OK Password: Better Password: Excellent Password:
kitty 1Kitty 1Ki77y
susan Susan53 .Susan53
jellyfish jelly22fish j3lly22fish
smellycat sm3llycat $m3llycat
allblacks a11Blacks a11Black$
usher !usher !ush3r
ebay44 ebay.44 &ebay.44
deltagamma deltagamm@ d3ltagamm@
ilovemypiano !LoveMyPiano !Lov3MyPiano
Sterling SterlingGmail2014 SterlingGmail20.14
BankLogin BankLogin13 BankLogin!3
Shelby ShelbyPass1 Shelby.Pass1.
Rolltide RollTide% RollTide%.%

We don’t want to make you a paranoid. These rules are simple and easy to follow, but it’s up to you to choose.