Notifications API

You can connect your Team to external services. This makes possible to integrate with other systems and opens countless integration options.

For example, if someone uploads a document on your team cloud, you may receive a notification in your Brosix app. Or if you have an important meeting, your Calendar may send you a reminder notification in your Brosix app.

You can integrate with any compatible service, and receive notifications in the convenience of your Brosix on any platform – Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Web.

You have full control, which of your team members, what notifications, from which services to receive.

Need inspiration? See everything that’s possible with Brosix and Zapier.

1. Activate “Notifications API” feature

Go to Web Control Panel – Settings – Integrations tab and enable the “Notifications API” feature.

This will create a group in your Team Network:

  • “Notify Channels” – All services you integrate with will automatically be listed in this group.

2. Add the service you want to integrate with

Click the button “Add Service” and follow the instructions. We suggest giving a meaningful name of the service. Usually the service name itself is good, but you may decide to enter something more meaningful to your team. For example, if you are adding “Google Drive”, you may name it “Team Cloud Storage”.

Once the service is added you will be able to also set a picture for this service. The service will be shown in your users contact lists. Brosix will automatically assign a picture for the service, but it may be more convenient for your users if you assign the service logo, or any other picture, that will be more appropriate.

3. Assign users that will receive messages from the service

Go to the “Connections” tab of the service. Click on “New Channel” button and follow the instructions.

Each connection between a service and a user is called “Channel”.

You can assign (connect) one service to multiple users (create multiple channels for this service). The service sends separate messages in each channel. This means the service sends separate message to each user.

If you assign (connect) a service to a Chat-Room, all users participating in that Chat-Room will receive the messages sent by the service to this Chat-Room.

4. Make the service send messages in your Brosix Network

Each Channel is identified by its own API Key. Copy this API Key and enter it into the configuration panel of the service. This will make the service send messages into the channel to the recipient (a user or a Chat-Room).

Brosix supports the two most popular platforms that automate connections between thousands of web services and applications:

5. Custom integration

If you want to build your own custom integration with Brosix, all endpoints and instructions are available inside the Control Panel when you get the API Key.

That’s all! The integration is complete and the messages sent by the service will be received in your Brosix App just like any other message you receive from your teammates.