Audio quality

The audio during a voice/video call is so garbled, we can’t hear anything at all. Can you please suggest how to make it work?

The audio quality depends on the computers on the both ends as well as the Internet connection between them.

A possible reason for a low voice quality is if your Internet connection bandwidth is not enough. This could happen if any of these happens on one or both sides of the communication (you and your colleague or friend):

  1. Your personal or corporate firewall may limit the connection speed
  2. If you are downloading a huge file during the voice call
  3. If you are sending a huge file during the voice call
  4. If you have active screen sharing session during the voice call
  5. If there is another Internet application that consumes lots of bandwidth or CPU


The things you can do to improve audio quality:

  1. Try to make a voice only session. Do not activate video, because it consumes lots of bandwidth and CPU on your computer.
  2. Use headsets to reduce echo. Check this article for more details
  3. Please check, if you have personal firewalls installed on your computers. You should allow Brosix to communicate through both firewalls.
  4. You can also check if you have corporate firewalls installed on your networks. Please, configure the firewalls to give full access to Brosix application.
  5. If your users are on different locations, you should allow your firewalls to establish direct connections to each other.

Please, do these checks on both sides of the communication – on your computer and LAN as well as on the computer and the LAN of your colleague or friend.

You can check this article for other steps to improve audio quality during a voice and video call