Brosix emoticons

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Use Brosix emoticons to color your instant message conversations and let your colleagues and friends know how youโ€™re feeling.

You can select the emoticon you want to use from the palette in the chat window – just click on the smiley in the chat window. Or use the keyboard shortcut โ€“ a set of characters or a specific word in brackets.



Smile emoticonSmile๐Ÿ™‚ , ๐Ÿ™‚ or (smile)
teeth emoticonTeeth smile๐Ÿ˜€ , ๐Ÿ˜€ or (teeth)
Surprised emoticonSurprised๐Ÿ˜ฎ , :o, (surprised)
Tongue smile emoticonTongue smile:-p , :p or (tongue)
Wink smile emoticonWink smile๐Ÿ˜‰ , ๐Ÿ˜‰ or (wink)
Sad emoticonSad๐Ÿ™ , ๐Ÿ™ or (sad)
Confused emoticonConfused;-s , ;s or (confused)
Disappointed emoticonDisappointed;-| , ;| or (disappointed)
Crying emoticonCrying;'( , ;-( or (crying)
Cool emoticonCool(h) , (H) or (cool)
Silent emoticonSilent:-Z , :Z or (silent)
Blush emoticonBlushing(blushing) or :$
Nerd emoticonNerd8| , 8-| or (nerd)
Sarcastic emoticonSarcastic^o) , ^O) or (sarcastic)
Angry emoticonAngry:-@ , :@ or (angry)
Fury emoticonFury8o| , 8O| or (fury)
Sick emoticonSick+o , +O or (sick)
Envy emoticonEnvy(envy)
I don't know emoticonI don’t know:^) or (dontknow)
Thinking emoticonThinking*-) or (thinking)
Eye rolling emoticonEye rolling๐Ÿ˜Ž or 8) or (eyerolling)
Sleepy emoticonSleepy|-) , |) or (sleepy)
Kiss emoticonKiss:-* , :* or (kiss)
bye emoticonBye(bye)
rofl emoticonRofl(rofl)
like emoticonLike(like) or (thankyou)
don`t like emoticonDon`t Like(dontlike)
listen emoticonListen(listen)
don`t listen emoticonDon`t Listen(dontlisten)
facepalm emoticonFacepalm(facepalm)
nod emoticonNod(nod) or (nodding)
party emoticonParty(party)
handshake emoticonHandshake(handshake) or (deal)
poke emoticonPoke(poke)
wave emoticonWave(wave) or (hi)
wondering emoticonWondering:^) or (wondering)
tired emoticonTired(tired)
waiting emoticonWaiting(waiting)
wondering emoticonWondering(wondering)
yawn emoticonYawn(yawn)
ziplips emoticonZiplips:z , :# , :-z or (ziplips)
sceptical emoticonSceptical:-/, :-\ , (sceptical) or (skeptical)
shake emoticonShake(shake) or (shaking)


moon emoticonMoon(s) , (S) or (moon)
Heart emoticonHeart(l) , (L) or (heart)
Broken heart emoticonBroken heart(u) , (U) or (brokenheart)
brosix emoticonBrosix(brosix)
brb emoticonBRB(brb)
bug emoticonBug(bug) or (ladybug)
bomb emoticonBomb(bomb)
camera emoticonCamera(camera)
car emoticonCar(car)
ship emoticonShip(ship) or (yacht)
plane emoticonPlane(plane)
church emoticonChurch(church) or (cathedral)
phone emoticonPhone(phone)
tablet emoticonTablet(tablet)
computer emoticonComputer(computer)
laptop emoticonLaptop(laptop)
keyboard emoticonKeyboard(keyboard)
mouse emoticonMouse(mouse)
games emoticonGames(games) or (game)
emoticonPresent(g) , (G) , (gift)
emoticonNote(8) or (note)
time emoticonTime(time) , (clock) or (O)
hourglass emoticonHourglass(hourglass) , (wait) or (hold)
inlove emoticonInlove(inlove)
money emoticonMoney(money)
Exclamation emoticonExclamation(exclamation)
pill emoticonPill(pill)
canyoutalk emoticonCan you talk?(canyoutalk)
Idea emoticonIdea(idea)
Yes emoticonYes(yes)
No emoticonNo(no)
Question emoticonQuestion mark(question)
home emoticonHome(home) or (wfh)
island emoticonIsland(island)
let`s meet emoticonLet`s meet(letsmeet)
luck emoticonLuck(luck) or (goodluck)
computer rage emoticonComputer rage(computerrage) or (typingrage)
confidential emoticonConfidential(confidential) or (secret)
feet on table emoticonFeet on table(feetontable)
gottarun emoticonGotta run(gottarun)
mail emoticonMail(mail) or (email)
poop emoticonPoop(poop)
stop emoticonStop(stop) or (stoppalm)

Drinks and Food

emoticonCoffee(c) , (C) or (coffee)
tea emoticonTea(tea)
cocktail emoticonCocktail(cocktail) or (drink)
beer emoticonBeer(beer)
rakia emoticonRakia(rakia)
champagne emoticonChampagne(champagne)
wine emoticonWine(wine)
pizza emoticonPizza(pizza)
Burger emoticonBurger(br) , (BR) or (burger)
sausage emoticonsausage(sausage)
sudzuk emoticonSudzuk(sudzuk)
taco emoticonTaco(taco)
burrito emoticonBurrito(burrito)
tomato emoticonTomato(tomato)
cheese emoticonCheese(cheese)
grilledchicken emoticonGrilled chicken(grilledchicken)
grilledham emoticonGrilled ham(grilledham)
steak emoticonSteak(steak)


dog emoticonDog(dog)
donkey emoticonDonkey(donkey)
fox emoticonFox(fox)
pig emoticonPig(pig)
snail emoticonSnail(snail)