What is the difference between “Brx.chat” and “Brosix”?

“Personal use” is when an individual user uses the software for his purposes either at home, while on a travel or at work. All “Personal Use” users use Brx.chat. They share one network. No administration features are available for them as they don’t need them. A “Personal user” has control only on his own account.

“Brosix” is for all users that use a private/closed IM network. The customer administrator has full control over all user accounts in his IM network. Enterprise user accounts can be used at work, at home or on a travel.

Generally speaking, the differences between “Brx.chat” and “Brosix” are:

  1. Brx.chat is one user account. A Brosix Instant Messaging network has many user accounts.
  2. Brx.chat controls only its account. Brosix controls all user accounts it owns.

Brx.chat and Brosix share the same set of application features. Brosix supports also admistration and control features that are not available to Brx.chat. Administration Features give full control over the Instant Messaging network.