Brosix Servers

What IP addresses and TCP/UDP ports are required to be opened in my firewall?

Brosix automatically discovers the best available option to connect to the servers, and you usually do not need to configure anything in your firewall or router.

However, if you use a firewall or router that blocks some outgoing connections based on rules, you may need to add to the firewall rules the IP addresses of our servers.

Your firewall rules should allow outgoing connections to our IP addresses. Here are the ports you should allow:

  1. Outgoing TCP connections to port 80, port 443, port 5222, port 7150, port 7151, port 8150, port 9150, port 10150, port 11150 to all Brosix servers
  2. Outgoing UDP to all Brosix servers on all ports
  3. Incoming UDP from all Brosix servers on all ports

Here are the IP addresses:

We advise you to use our host names when setting rules in your firewall. This will reduce the need of future changes in the firewall rules as we upgrade and expand the servers infrastructure. Here are the host names for your reference:

If your router supports UPnP and you enable it for all computers in your LAN, this will improve the speed of all your connections.