What does Brosix price include?

Brosix price is subscription based. You pay for the service monthly, quarterly or annually. You have the flexibility to increase and decrease the number of users at any time. This way you control your expenses instantly according to the changes in your business needs.

Brosix price includes all your costs for the service:

  • servers rent
  • infrastructure maintenance
  • system administrators personnel (salaries, insurance, taxes)
  • server software and hardware upgrades
  • new software versions – As long as you use Brosix service you will get all Brosix software upgrades free of charge. We usually release new versions with new and improved features two or three times a year. Upgrades are distributed automatically and you don’t need to do anything to install them on your user computers.
  • Brosix versions for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad and Web Client – a wide range of supported platforms.
  • Brosix works seamlessly in a LAN and over the Internet. It secures all communication channels and you don’t have to program your office firewalls and rules.

Comparing all this, you will find that Brosix brings many benefits at a reasonable price.

You are invited to get a Free trial. No credit card required, no obligations and no up-front charges. Just go to https://www.brosix.com/signup/ and you will have your private Team Network running in a minute. You will have 14 days to use all Brosix features with up to 100 user accounts.