Why can’t I use the Text Conference feature any more?

The Text Conference feature is no longer available on the newest versions of Brosix. Instead, we would like to encourage our users to use the Chat Rooms feature which has a wider range of functionality and can successfully replace the Text Conference feature.

Chat Rooms allow full control and archiving of conversations. You may also control Chat Rooms directly from the Web Control Panel.

In the past, there were two types of chat groups: Text Conference and Chat Rooms. We announced several months ago that the Text Conference will be discontinued due to its redundancy. The new application versions will only support the Chat Rooms, as this is a more secure and stable feature for group communication.

Brosix desktop applications that are versions 4.0 or older still support the older Text Conference feature. Brosix desktop and mobile applications newer than version 4.0, as well as the web client, do not support the Text Conference, and only support the Chat Rooms feature.

NOTE: If some of your users are using older desktop versions, and some are on newer desktop versions, then the users on the new versions will not receive Text Conference messages.

We strongly advise all of the users on your network to upgrade to the latest version. If some users cannot upgrade, please advise them to only use the Chat Rooms feature.