How to change an order?

How an order is changed? Could you please explain?

Each order is identified by:

  • Pricing plan
  • Billing period
  • Number of user licenses

If you want to change any of these parameters, the current order will be canceled and a new one with the new parameters will be created. If there is an active Auto-Recharge for the old order, it will be canceled.

If there are still days or weeks until your old order expires, they are calculated in money that are applied to your new order. The money transferred from your old order to the new one extend its expire date and you don’t have to pay until the new expire date.


If you add user licenses to your order, we will not charge you for the new licenses. Instead the expire date will be moved closer.
If you remove user licenses from your order, we will not refund. Instead the expire date will be moved further.


10 days before the expire date of the new order you will receive an invoice for the next billing cycle. Open the link provided in the e-mail and follow the instructions to make a payment. During the payment you will be able to activate Auto-Recharge if you want next billing cycles to be automatically billed.

The process of changing an order is automatic. You just follow the instructions and choose the parameters – pricing plan, billing period and number of user licenses.

To change your order, please go to Web Control Panel – Licenses tab and click “Change order” button or “Change Pricing plan” button.

Web Control Panel is available at