Chat History Expiration

The Chat History feature on Brosix networks helps users to keep track of and recall their communication. In order for this feature to operate properly, chat history is stored on Brosix servers, as is common practice with the majority of IM applications.

Customers who would like to set a time limit on how long chat history is archived may do so through the Expiration option in the Web Control Panel. This option allows network administrators to choose the length of time that their network’s chat history will be saved on Brosix servers. After this period the history will be deleted. The five choices for expiration periods are: 1 day, 7 days, 1 month, 3 months and “Default”.

Please note: Choosing a short expiration period will lead to decreased functionality in several features. One of the affected services will be the Offline Messaging feature – if users are offline longer than the expiration period they will not receive any messages sent to them. For example, if the expiration period is one day and a user is offline for two days after a message is sent to them, that message will be erased before delivery.

For this reason, Brosix recommends setting an expiration period of 1 month or longer. For your convenience, there is an option “Default” which will configure chat history deletion to optimal values in order to make sure that all services in your Team network function properly.