How to Integrate Brosix Web Client into your Website?

Brosix web client for your IM network is available at[_nid_]
Replace “[_nid_]” with your IM network number (it is available in the Web Control Panel).

1. Installation
2. Branding
3. Resize Web Client
4. Automatic login


1. Installation

If your network number is “1”, then you can integrate the web client in your web site in these ways:

1. Open the link in a pop-up window
<a target="_blank" href="">Brosix Web Client</a>

2. Open the link in a frame tag
<frame src="" />

3. Open the link in an iframe tag
<iframe src="" />


2. Branding

Brosix Web Client shows the custom logo you have set from the Web Control Panel.

For more details how to set the custom logo, please take a look at our detailed tutorial.

This step is optional. If you do not set custom logo, a default Brosix logo will be shown.


3. Resize Web Client

To resize the Web Client pass width and height parameters. Values are in pixels. For example:

IMPORTANT: When the user starts a chat, Web Client opens the chat area on the right of the contacts list. The result is that Web Client doubles the width of its window. So, if you pass width=400 when the user starts a chat the Web Client will use 800 pixels.

This step is optional. If you do not pass width or height, default values will be used.


4. Automatic login

If you integrate Brosix Web Client into your system you may want to automatically sign in your users. If you know their username and password you can pass user and pass parameters. For example:

To hide username and password from the web browser address bar, pass hideparams parameter. For example:

This step is optional. If you do not pass user or pass, the Sign In screen will be displayed.