Local Groups vs Global Groups

You can define groups of users from Web Control Panel and assign user accounts according to your work groups. For example, you can group them by office location: “New York office”, “Barcelona office”, “Plovdiv office”. Or you can group your users by department: “Marketing”, “Sales”, “Production”, “Management”.

These groups are called Global or Network groups. They are fully controlled from Web Control Panel. Users cannot assign or remove contacts. These groups are an important part of Contact Lists Management as described in Contacts List explained article.

Sometimes you may want to allow your users create Local groups. Local Groups feature is available for all desktop platforms – Windows, Mac, and Linux. If enabled, users can create groups themselves and assign/remove their contacts.

You can enable this feature for all users in your network from “Settings-Options” tab and then disable it for individual users.
Or, you can disable this features for all users and enable it for an individual user. Go to “Users” tab, click on a user account and then select the “Settings” tab.