Upgrade order cancels Auto-recharge

I upgraded my order and your system canceled Auto-recharge. Why don’t you use my credit card after the upgrade?

An order upgrade is done in these steps:

  1. Cancel your order
  2. Create a new order with the new number of licenses, billing period or pricing plan

Auto-recharges are processed by the payment processor 2Checkout. Auto-recharges are tied with a Brosix order. Because the upgrade cancels the old order, we should create a new auto-recharge with the payment processor. To protect our customers from unauthorized charges, we ask them to manually set up their Auto-recharge. This is as simple as just following a link to make a payment.

​When your new order is going to expire you will receive a reminder e-mail with a link. Just open the link in your web browser and follow the instructions to make a payment for the next billing cycle and set up a new auto-recharge.