What is Chat History Archive and how is it processed?

Chat History Archive is a feature of Brosix Enterprise.

Chat History Archive is initially not enabled for your IM network. You have to explicitly enable it. The feature to keep Chat History Archives was created to satisfy the needs of some of our customers. They are required by law to keep logs of their employee communication.

If you do not need to keep the log of your employee communication, you do not enable Chat History Archives – no information will be stored on Brosix servers.

If you enable Chat History Archives, you have full control how long they are kept on Brosix servers. They are automatically archived each month. You can download archives and store them on your systems. You can permanently delete all archives and all records at any time. We do not keep any other copies, because we do not own this data. It is owned by our customers.

Information recorded in Chat History Archive is:

  • All chat messages. If you enable communication with external networks, messages sent to and received from external networks are also logged.
  • Time to Sign In and Sign Out for each user.
  • Start time of a voice/video call, screen shot, screen sharing and a Whiteboard session.
  • URLs visited in a Co-Browse session.
  • Names of files exchanged via File Transfer.


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