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How to protect my privacy?

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Are usernames and/or passwords case sensitive? Usernames are not case sensitive, but passwords are. The username is your unique identifier in the network – it can not be duplicated. This means that if your username is “John”, no one else can create an account with name “john”. The password...

Who can see my messages?

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We can’t make sure the messages you send are “invisible” nor that nobody can capture them. What we can do is to make sure that they are “unreadable”. All the communication is encrypted with industry standard high-security AES-256 bit encryption. This means, that even someone captures your messages, he/she...

How to Use Welcome Module?

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The Welcome module is a feature that allows you to broadcast news or events to all users on your private team network. You can activate the module via the Web Control Panel by following these instructions: Log into the Control Panel at From the Dashboard choose Settings->Configurations Click...