How to restrict access to user data?

We have administrators that monitor conversations but I can not have them see conversations between senior management. How can this be accomplished?

Every administrator account has a “Security Level”. An administrator can see only user accounts that has “Security Level” below or equal to the administrator’s.

An administrator account may have these “Security levels”:

  1. Normal – this is the default value. Can see all user accounts except those who has “Restricted” access.
  2. Restricted – can see all user accounts.
  3. High – can see all user accounts. This is a full administrator level.

A user account may have these “Required security levels”:

  1. Normal – this is the default value. This user account is not restricted and all administrators will see it.
  2. Restricted – only administrators with “Restricted” or “High” security level can see this user account.

If you want to restrict a user account and make sure its conversations will not be seen, then do this:

  1. Go to Users tab and find the user who you want to restrict
  2. Select “Restricted” for “Required security level” and click the “Save” button
  3. Go to Settings-Accounts tab and open each of the administrator accounts
  4. For each administrator account, make sure it has “Normal” for “Security level”

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