How to add users to other users` contact lists?

Is there a way to add all users in a group to a users contact list?

You can create groups and assign users to gropus. For example, groups “Sales”, “Support”, “New York”, “Dallas”. You can set all group members to communicate with each other.
1. Sign In to
2. Go to Users – Groups tab
3. Click on a group name
4. Check the “Any-To-Any contacts” and click the “Save button”


You can manage each user contacts list from the web control panel:
1. Sign In to
2. Go to Users tab
3. Click on a username
4. On the pop-up window, click on the Contact List tab


You can also make all users in your IM network to have all other users in their contact lists:

1. Sign In to
2. Go to Settings – Options tab
3. Check the “Any-to-Any contacts”
4. Click the “Save options” button