New Enterprise Network

New Enterprise Network

I have registered new Brosix enterprise network, what should I do now?

Once you complete the registration and get your network activated, you are welcome to start using Brosix:

Configure your IM network – Your Instant Messaging network comes with rich set of features and customization options. Please, log in your Web Control Panel and configure the network according your needs.

Web Control Panel


Create accounts for your users – Your Instant Messaging network can handle many users. You have two options to create their accounts:

  1. Let the users create their accounts themselves directly from the Brosix application installed on their computers.
  2. You create user accounts from the web control panel and then let them know their usernames and passwords.


Control users contact lists – You can control which user with which other users can communicate. Read more at Contact lists explained


Control features use – You can control what feature each user can use.


Download and install Brosix – Go to the Download section of your web control panel and follow the link in order to download Brosix. Please, notice that this link is unique for your private Instant Messaging network and your users have to download Brosix only through the same link. You need to provide it (send it) to all your users so they can download the same Brosix application and join the same network.


Use Brosix – Once your users download and install your Brosix Instant Messenger they can communicate with each other in a secure way.


Log users activity – All user chat messages are recorded on the server. You can review them at any time. You can download the archive to your systems for further archiving and processing.


Block unused accounts – You can block users and disallow them to use Brosix.


Change the number of users – When your Instant Messaging network grows, more and more users join and use it, you will need more user accounts. You can order more user licenses for your Instant Messaging network at any time through the web control panel.



There are some Tutorials you may find useful in order to start and configure your IM network.

There are also Video Tutorials that show how to do different things.

Your Brosix Instant Messaging network is full of features and options to use. If you need additional information, you are welcome to visit our Help Desk anytime.

Full list of Brosix Enterprise Instant Messenger Features