How do Brosix Chat Rooms work?

Here are some core points about Brosix Chat Rooms:

  • Every user can create a chat room and add people from his/her contacts list. A point to note: when you create a chat room, you should add at least two other users.
  • Every room member can add other users at any time. The added users can be online or offline at the time they are added.
  • When a user participates in a Chat Room, this room appears in his contacts list in a separate group called “Chat Rooms“.
  • Users can create separate chat rooms and name them. A special case is when they name several rooms with the same name. Participants in each such room can be different.
  • Each user can participate in multiple chat rooms.
  • Users cannot search for rooms to join. They can participate only if they are added by another user or if they create a new chat room.
  • Every user can leave a chat room at any time.
  • When someone sends a message to the chat room, online users receive it immediately. Offline users receive the message when they get online.

Here are some more details about Brosix Chat Rooms
Create a Chat Room
Add users to a Chat Room
Leave a Chat Room
Rename a Chat Room
Delete a Chat Room
Chat Room conferencing
Disable Chat Rooms

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